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Radio Songs Page No.
No. Title
80. Love Land by Soe Sandar HtunLove Land
79. The Very First Season by Harpist Hlaing Win Maung (Magway)The Very First Season by Harpist Hlaing Win Maung (Magway)
78. Once Upon a Time in UniversityOnce Upon a Time in University
77. Selected Songs of ANaingSelected Songs of ANaing
76. "Taung Yan Yu Mal Ma Thare Eu" by Poe Ei San
75. Shwe Myanmar Classical SongsShwe Myanmar Classical Songs
74. "Baby Sitter" (Arr Yar Ma) by Soe Sandar Htun
73. "Designed Clouds" (Tain Hlwar Moe Moe Lwin) by Yan Aung
72. "The Past Times of Green Lawns"
71. "It Will be One Day and Classic Songs" by Soe Paing
70. "Taung Taman Love" by Hay Mahn Htun
69. "Our Love" by Saint Nay Chi
68. "Uncle" (Oo Lay Gyi) by Ei Ei Chun
67. "Dual Love Journey" (Hnit Koto Chit Kha Yee) by Moe Kyaw Hlaing, Ni Ni Win Shwe
66. (A chit Mandai) by Soe Htat, Hay Mar Ne Win, Pan Ei Phyu, Ei Ei Chun(A chit Mandai) by Soe Htat, Hay Mar Ne Win, Pan Ei Phyu, Ei Ei Chun
65. "Truth of First Love" (Thare Oo Thit Sar) by Khin Maung Toe
64. "Wish Fullfilled Period" (Su Taung Pyae Chain) by Ban Nyar Han and Hnin Ayekaye
63. "Byo Tune" (Byo Hit Than) by Biva Hein
62. "My Beloved" (Lwan Say Taw Maung) by Poe Ei San
61. "Skilled Player" (Sae Da Nar Shin Nel Lat Than Shin) by Ko Ko Nain-Mon State
60. "Hate Presented by My Love" (Ah Chit SOne Pay The Ah Mone) by Soe Sanda Htun
59. "Sandal Wood Longing" (San Da Ku A Lawn) by Soe Sandar Htun
58. "Selected SOngs of Htun Eindra Bo"
57. "Bitten Flower" (Poe Kite The Pan) by Hintada Aung Tin Win
56. "Pyi Daw Win and Myanmar Songs" by Yazar Win Tint
55. The Best Songs of Twantay Soe AungThe Best Songs of Twantay Soe Aung
54. "The Fool Who Love More Than in Childhood"
53. "Walk on Flower-bed" by Min Aung
52. "Maung's Love Greater Than You" (Maung Ah Chit Ka Po Bar Dal) by Ni Ni Win Shwe
51. "My Full Moon" (Maung La Pyait Wan)