AA chief’s wife detained in Thailand

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Dec 07, 2019

The wife of the Arakan Army (AA)’s Major General Tun Myat Naing was detained in Thailand, according to family members.

Rakhine State Parliament Speaker San Kyaw Hla, also the father-in-law of Tun Myat Naing said: “I have only read Narinjara’s news. The authorities have not informed me of it yet. I feel sorry as my grandchildren are detained.”

The Irrawaddy and Rakhine-based Narinjara covered the arrest of Tun Myat Naing’s wife in the afternoon of December 6.

On December 4, Thai authorities detained Tun Myat Naing’s wife, who was renewing her visa at the Immigration Office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, together with a 1.4-year-old son and a 11-year old daughter. Thailand plans to hand them over to Myanmar.

On December 6, the DVB quoted the AA’s Spokesperson Khaing Thukha as saying that, due to the diplomatic pressure by the Myanmar government, Thai authorities had seized their passports when Tun Myat Naing’s wife attempted to renew her visa at Immigration Department. Until now, there were no more detailed information regarding the arrest. This arrest may lead to a further worsening of the situation.

According to the Daily Eleven’s investigation, the arrest of Tun Myat Naing’s wife is linked to the fact that she is providing funds for the terrorist organization AA. The Daily Eleven have yet to receive any response from the Tatmadaw or the police when contacted.

On October 19, the police arrested Tun Myat Naing’s brother-in-law Kyaw Naing and his younger sister Yaminmyat (aka) Moe Hnin Phyu on their way back from Chiang Mai, at the Yangon International Airport. Mayangone Township police have filed a case against the duo under Section 52 (a), (b) and (c) of the Anti-Terrorism Law.

The arrest of Tun Myat Naing’s brother-in-law is also linked to seizures of explosive devices in Mandalay, Spokesperson of the President Office Zaw Htay said.

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