Shoe factory workers camp protest for labour rights

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Dec 05, 2019

YANGON- Over 1,300 workers from New Way Shoe Factory at No.4 Industrial Zone in Hlaingthayar Township, Yangon Region, demanded to their labour rights by starting a protest camp in front of the factory since November 26th.

So far the workers had made a 21-point demand.

While the factory owner had complied with the 19 points out of 21, the owner supposedly did not agree to pay for overtime or yearly performance bonus.

“I joined the Shoe factory since 2006. We demanded 21 points. We asked the owner to pay performance bonus Ks 20,000 per month. If the owner will pay Ks 5,000 as a bonus for a year, all workers will agree to it. Now, the owner had agreed to 19 points except the performance bonus. He had said that the factory was closed since November 29th after paying appropriate compensation. We want to claim on our salary and our rights,” said Thin Thin Hlaing, one of the labour representatives.

The factory management had said that there would be a factory shutdown on December 30th due to difficulties paying performance bonus against low production rates, according to the Labour representatives.

Later, the factory had announced the workers can return to the worksite on December 2nd. However, those workers were then dismissed from the factory on November 29th, prompting a protest camp in a bid for their rights.

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