Cargo trucks, passenger buses wait at Kutkai tollgate due to flash fighting

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Nov 16, 2019

NAUNGPAIN-As Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) barred the cargo trucks and passenger buses running on Union Highway from continuing journey by force near View Point between Kutkai and Namtphetkar Township on Lashio-Muse Union Highway in northern Shan State, yesterday morning, the vehicles waited at the tollgate in Kutkai Township where an exit for Muse.

“We arrived in Kutkai Township yesterday early morning. On arrival at the tollgate, we heard the gunfire as well as the news said that they[TNLA] blocked the road. So, no cars dare to continue their journey. However, the tollgate allowed the vehicles heading to Muse about 9:30am. Many cargo trucks and passenger buses are in a queue at the tollgate in Kutkai Township,” said driver Sai Loung.

However, those vehicles had been blocked again by the TNLA near Numptkut village between Kutkai and Namptphetkar Township.

The drivers had to leave slowly from Namptkut Township depending on the regional situation. Later, they waited near View Point about 11am because they heard the voice of heavy weapon but passenger buses turned back to Kutkai.

Clashes between TNLA and government troop took place near Kutkai Township on November 13th and it caused the traffic for most of the day.

Similarly, fighting broke out near Namhkhaing bridge between Kutkai and Muse. Small and large vehicles heading to Kutkai had to wait Namtphatka for a quite long time.

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